Weather Alerts and Tips

Weather Reminder is the world’s first mobile app that helps users to plan their activities based on weather conditions

There is no need to monitor the weather forecast minute by minute. You just set up weather reminders manually, or choose an example from our templates. You’ll get an alert as soon as the forecast matches your criteria

Schedule the Weather!

  • Get advice

  • View the weather in details

  • Schedule and execute your plans


  • Reminders
    Set reminders for defined weather conditions

  • Tips
    Get tips on activities for every weather condition

  • Templates
    Use templates to save your time

  • Plans
    Set an event with iOS Calendar

Unique features

  • Set up reminders to find the weather conditions you’re interested in (Will it rain? Will it snow? Will it be windy? etc.)
  • Use convenient presets of weather conditions and parameters
  • Check current conditions or forecast
  • Use templates to give you useful tips (Wash your car, Wear sunglasses, Cover iPhone, Fly kite, Take umbrella, etc.)
  • Get timely weather alerts
  • Add tasks and events to Calendar or Reminders
  • Follow the tips for pastimes in different weather conditions

Standard features

  • Current weather conditions
  • Accurate 10-day and 48-hour worldwide weather forecast from Weather Underground
  • Min. and max. temperatures, «feels like» temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, UV-index, cloudiness, precipitation amounts and their probability, wind speed and direction for every day
  • Sun and moon data (dawn / sunrise / sunset / dusk / moonrise / moonset / full moon / new moon / phases of the moon), daylight hours
  • Fahrenheit/Celsius; hPa/mmHg; km/h, m/s, feet/s, miles/h
  • Select a specific day and hour to see extended meteo data

Has the weather ever ruined your plans?

Have you ever

  • sent your kids out in the wrong clothes for the weather?
  • put summer tires on right before the snow starts?
  • gone out in light clothes on a cold day?
  • been upset when your child couldn’t slide down the ice slide?
  • taken your umbrella out on a clear day?
  • washed your car right before it rains?
  • tried flying a kite when there’s no wind?
  • planned a picnic in stormy weather?
  • With Weather Reminder you’ll never allow the weather to spoil your life!



  1. What do the icons for atmospheric phenomena mean when setting up reminders, and how are they supposed to be used?
    These icons are used to target the search for the corresponding atmospheric phenomenon (e.g. Rain) or its absence (No rain)

  2. Does the app work without access to the Internet?
    No, it doesn’t. Instead, you’ll see a message signaling the lack of Internet connection

  3. How can weather data be updated?
    Weather data is updated automatically

  4. Who’s the provider of the weather data?
    Weather Underground

  5. Can the templates be edited?
    You can change the parameters downloaded from the template, and its name. The templates themselves can’t be edited

  6. What do the bottom icons mean in the tabs for ‘Cloudiness,’ ‘Temperature,’ ‘Wind,’ ‘Pressure’ and ‘Humidity?’
    The icons at the bottom of the tabs are preset. Pressing on them launches a shortcut to the range of values in order to simplify the User’s selection

  7. I set up my search for a number of different weather conditions. What event will trigger them?
    In cases where different weather parameters have been set (e.g. humidity, temperature, pressure, wind, cloudiness), the User receives a message if all of the conditions match the forecast

  8. Is it possible to set several different atmospheric phenomena when setting up the ‘Precipitation’ reminder on the screen?
    No. You can only choose one atmospheric phenomenon – or its absence

  9. How is an alert delivered about the occurrence of preset conditions?
    The message about the occurrence of preset conditions is delivered by way of push-notification. If push-notifications have been blocked, you can see that conditions have matched the forecast in the ‘Notifications’ tab inside the app

  10. How can I delete preset and past reminders?
    By swiping right-to-left

  11. Can I change my preset reminder?
    Yes, it can be edited

  12. How are reminders set up in the app?
    On the ‘Time settings’ screen, you can use the ‘Notification’ tab to set up the desired notification option: ‘In advance’ (i.e. On forecast) or ‘On event.’ Pressing on the ‘In advance’ tab lets you choose the time of notification for today or a day in advance of the event. When choosing the ‘On event’ tab, the notification will be delivered on the first corresponding hour or each corresponding hour

  13. Which cases trigger the conditions set ‘in advance’ or ‘on event’?
    The conditions set in advance are triggered in the case of a match between the set parameters and the weather forecast for the set day or one day prior to the occurrence of the event, at the indicated time or timeframe
    The conditions set on event are triggered at the moment of a match between the set parameters and the forecast at the hour chosen by the User or at the time interval chosen thereby

  14. What is the maximum interval of time than can be chosen when setting up reminders?
    24 hours * 3 days = 72 hours

  15. What does this weather icon mean?
    It appears when data is not available for some reasons